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BETA VERSION - please leave comments/suggestions for improvments!!!

The Medal of Honor: Warfighter client cfg maker will let you configure the game settings. The tool works online so you will not have to install anything onyour system to configure your custom config. After setting all the options below the output will be given on a seperate screen. The output has to be Copy & Pasted into the appropriate file(s)

The output generated by this CFG maker must be placed into the user.cfg file in the installation directory of Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Values and info:

These values can not be changed (forced)
These values can be changed
These values should be linked, set to the same vaules

Dynamic Ambient Occlusion
Dynamic Ambient Occlusion Method
DirectX 11
Enable Tripple Buffering
Frames to render ahead
Show on-screen FPS
Show on-screen FPS Method
Screen Info
Show GPU and CPU stats bottom-left corner
Set the screenshot format
Show the User Interface
Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing
Enable transparency Shadowmaps
Enable Spot Ligth Shadowmaps
pot Ligth Shadowmaps Resolution
Enable Motion Blur
Motion Blur Scale
Maximum Motion Blur
Motion Blur Noise Scale
Motion Blur Quality
Motion Blur Sample Count
Motion Blur Average Frame Count

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