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Version: 3.0


The The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim client cfg maker will let you configure the game settings. The tool works online so you will not have to install anything on your system to configure your custom config. After setting all the options below the output will be given on a seperate screen. The output has to be Copy & Pasted into the appropriate file(s)described below


Be sure to backup your Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini in your
" *:\Users\"username"\Documents\My Games\Skyrim " folder before generating a new CFG

How to use:

copy the generated code and put it into the text file named "Skyrim.ini" at the following location:
" *:\Users\"YourUserName"\Documents\My Games\Skyrim"
copy the generated code and put it into the text file named "SkyrimPrefs.ini" at the following location:
" *:\Users\"YourUserName"\Documents\My Games\Skyrim"

Values and info:

Low = Default Skyrim low Settings
Medium = Default Skyrim Medium Settings
High = Default Skyrim High Settings
Ultra = Default Skyrim Ultra Settings
DNA Ultra Ex = Do Not Argue - Ultra Extended (50% Enhanced compared to Ultra)
DNA Extreme = Do Not Argue - Extreme (75% Enhanced compared to Ultra)

These values can be changed
These values should be linked / set to the same vaules!

Extra info:

As of version 1.6 two files will get an output value. These are the bare minumum needed and based on the default Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini
Values changed:
You are able to change almost every option,Problems like the 3D meshes in the loading screens being red/bronze are not present.


If you are having problems loading savegames (instant crash)Download the files below
(right click save as)
Put them in the main Skyrim install folder -


In the main screen open your console with ~ and type "bat uGrid11" without the quotation marks
try to load your savegame again - if it loads re-open your console and type
"bat uGrid5" for default
"bat uGrid7" for 2+ GB System RAM
"bat uGrid9" for 4+ GB System RAM
"bat uGrid11" for 8+ GB System RAM
and save your game. The uGridsToLoad value has now been changed and your current save games should work again.
To ensure it is working correctly quit the game and restart your latest save game.

System/Game language
Enable Multithreaded
Exterior Cell Buffer Loading
Interior Cell Buffer Loading
Grids To Load
Story Manager Logging Event?
Enable story manager logging?
Max Preload Size Limit in Bytes
Master File Preload (MB)
Number of Threads the game can use
Disable all gore effects
Track all ingame deaths
Preemptively Unload Cells
Intro Sequence
Sun Update Time
Sun Update Time Threshold
Maximum Shadow LOD Start Fade
Maximum Specular LOD Start Fade
Maximum Light LOD Start Fade
Shadowmap Resolution
Enter Your Grpahics Card Device Description Here
Skip mipmapping
Enable FXAA
2nd LOD mesh fade distance
1stLOD mesh fade distance
Specual Level Of Detail Fading
Light Level Of Detail Start Fading
Trees Mid Lod Switching Distance
Shadow Bias Scale
Deffered Shadow mask Quality
Shadow Distance
Maximum amount of Decals Per Frame
Maximum amount of Skin Decals Per Frame
Set screen Width
Set screen Hight
Max Anisotropy Filter
Start in Fullscreen mode
Interior Shadow Distance
Floating Point Precission
Gamma Setting
2nd Decal LOD
1st Decal LOD
Shadow Level Of Detail Start Fading
Minimum Mipmaps to be stored
Enable Transparency Multisampling
Multisampled Water
Tree Selfshadowings
Landscape Selfshadowings
Enable/Disable All Shadows
leaf Animations Dampen Distance End
leaf Animations Dampen Distance Start
LOD fade distance in %
LOD fade Bound Default
2nd LOD fade tree distance
1st LOD fade tree distance
Enable Grass Self-Shadowing
Enable Player Self-Shadowing
Enable shader model 3 fog
Enable all grass effects
Enabe the use of sun shafts
Mip Map Bias
Use simple lighting
Decal life time
Per Pixel Lighting
Allow dynamic grass loading
Grass Fading Distance Start
Grass Maximum Fading Distance Start
Grass Minimum Fading Distance Start
Enable Point Lighting Grass

Enable Logging
Enable Tracing
Load Debug Information
Minumum Memory page Size
Maximum Memory page Size
Maximum amount of memory available to the game (in bytes)

Reflect LOD Objects
Reflect LOD Land
Water Reflect Sky
Water Reflect Trees
Water Reflection texture Height
Water Reflection texture Width
Enable Water Displacement mapping
Water Refractions
Enable Water Reflections
Enable Water Depth
Use High Resolution Water
Use Water Shader
Use Water LOD
Use Water Displacement effects (walking/projectiles)
Force Low Detail Reflections
Force High Detail Reflections
Enable Explosion Reflections
Enable Cubemap reflections
Use blurred water reflections

Enable Radial Blur
Sets the radial Blur Level
Enable Depth of Field

LOD Fade out for Multi-Actors
LOD Fade out for Multi-Items
LOD Fade out for Multi-Objects
LOD Fade out for Multi-Sky Cell

Enable or Disable Decals
Enable or Disable Skinned Decals
Maximum Decals
Maximum Skinned Decals
Maximum Skinned Decals Per Character
Force all decals to be renderd

The Ditance The Trees get loaded
Block maximum Distance?
Block Level 1 maximum Distance?
Block Level 0 maximum Distance?
Split Distance Multiplier?
Keep Low Detail Terrain
Clouds Level Of Detail

Enable High Dynamic Range Blur Shader

Show all available Resolutions

Enable GamePad support
Enable Crosshair
HUD Opacity

Show Floating Quest Markers
Show main quest markers?
Difficulty level

Enable Dialogue Subtitles
Enable General Subtitles
Show the compass

Mouse Heading Sensitivity
GamePad Heading Sensitivity
Always Run by Default
Invert Y Values
Enable GamePad rumble
Enable Mouse Acceleration

Maximum Number Of Desired Particles

Amount in minutes each autosave will occur
Allow Profile Transfer
Use Savegame History

[AudioMenu] - best set ingame
Master Volume

Clouds Near Fading Distance

Render Skinnded Trees
Maximum number of skinned trees to render at once
Force Full Detail Trees
Enable tree sway animations

Set number of Havok Threads

Player Memory Budget Cap
Loaded Aread Non Player Memory Budget Cap
Interior Water Memory Cap
Interior Texture Memory Cap
Interior Geometry Memory Cap
Water Memory
Texture Memory
Geometry Memory

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